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However, Toya did not die and jumped into a nearby lake to desperately snuff out the flames, unwilling to die before showing his father what he can do. He was able to survive, but suffered severe burns all over his body, and was later found and taken away by All For One.

What happened to Toya from MHA?

Vowing revenge on his father, Toya dies and Dabi is born.

How old was Touya Todoroki when he died?

It happened when Touya was 13, in winter (probably around his 14th birthday / Shoutos 6th). Fuyumi in Chapter 250 was also confirmed to have the correct timeline: Touya died after Rei was institutionalized.

How did Touya become Dabi?

After a final prayer in his memory at his own shrine, Touya dropped his old name and has since called himself Dabi. He resumed cremation training on his own and progressed by leaps and bounds as he could no longer feel the pain of his Quirks’ adverse effects on himself.

Is Dabis’ purple skin his?

amazing purple skin

It’s because of its particularity.

Is Toya stronger than Endeavour?

Toya is an incredibly powerful character who once served in the League of Villains and is now a lieutenant in the Paranormal Liberation Front. He is an exceptionally strong character whose flame powers are said to be stronger than those of Endeavors Hellflame and very few characters are able to defeat him in battle.

How old was Dabi when he faked his death?

Answer to question 3: Dabi is 24 and he was 23 when we met him

Chapter 302 gives us a little jump in time with this transition text ¦

Who is Todoroki’s crush?

Shoto Todoroki, a boy loved by many. A boy who has almost all his fangirls around his finger, has a crush on his best friend. Izuku Midoriya. Realizing his feelings, he becomes more attached to Izuku.

Does Dabi care about Shoto?


Although it seemed like he only cared about making Endeavor desperate, it is hinted that Dabi has hated Shoto even more since birth because Shoto inherited his mother’s ice powers that regulate his flames, whereas he only inherited his mother’s low fire tolerance. .

Does Endeavor know that Dabi is Toya?

Neither Shoto nor Endeavor recognize that Dabi is Toya, which disappoints the villain. From there, Dabi reveals that a message he pre-recorded is now going nationwide.


Touya’s hair was crimson, but as he grew older and endured more training and harsh abuse from Endeavour, he became increasingly depressed and wondered why he was alive. She later contracted Antoinette syndrome, her hair turning white from stress. You can see this happening in chapters 290 and 291.

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