How Old Is Ryan Toy Review


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11 Years (2011)
Ryan Kaji / Age

How old is Ryan in Ryan’s Toy Review in?

Fast forward to, Ryan is now a

How much is Ryan worth?

The Kaji family is worth millions. According to Forbes, Kaji earned $11 million between 2016 and 2017 and was the eighth highest paid YouTuber. As of , Ryan Kajis net worth is estimated to be around $100 million.
Net worth: $100 million
Source of wealth: YouTuber
Last update: 2,
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What are Ryan’s parents doing?

All we really know about them is that their father is a structural engineer and their mother reportedly quit her job as a high school chemistry teacher to run the channel full time.

Who are Ryan’s real parents?

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Ryans World (formerly Ryan ToysReview) is a YouTube channel for kids ages 2-6 that features Ryan Kaji with his mom (Loann Kaji), dad (Shion Kaji) and twin sisters (Emma and Kate). The channel usually posts a new video every day.

When was Ryan’s mother born?

Loann Kaji, as she is now known, was born Kieu-Loan Thi Nguyen in 1984.

Did the Kaji family move to Hawaii?

Last year, YouTube star Ryan Kaji and his family moved to Honolulu, and KITV4’s Rick Quan recently had the chance to experience Ryan’s world.

When was Ryan born?

2011 (11 years old)
Ryan Kaji / Born

How old is Ryan’s mother?

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How old is Loann Kaji? She is 38 as of .

Why did Ryans Toysreview’s mom go to jail?

His mother, then known as Kieu-Loan Thi Nguyen, was arrested for shoplifting in . Ryan’s current annual income has nothing to do with the decisions his mother made seventeen years ago when she was a teenager fresh out of high school.


Ryans World makes about $2 million a month from ad revenue and

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