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Toy Chase is a game that some bunnies might be interested in. Put a string on a toy and walk beside your rabbit, dragging the toy slowly. A treat on top might encourage your rabbit to chase after the toy. Some bunnies may like to hit a toy you’re hanging in front of them, rather than chasing after something.

What can you use for bunny toys?

Objects to play or throw, such as untreated straw, wicker, seagrass mats and baskets, plastic balls and pots. Sturdy plastic baby toys, such as key chains, rattles, stacking cups, and some sturdy cat and parrot toys, can be good toys for rabbits.

Why do rabbits play with toys?

Toys are important because they provide: Mental stimulation. Without stimulating activities to occupy your rabbit when you are away from home, your rabbit, especially a lonely rabbit, will be bored.

Do all rabbits play with toys?

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Some people are surprised to learn that rabbits like to play with toys. Some of their toys aren’t what you’d normally place in that category and rabbits may not play like cats and dogs, but they love to play, in their own way.

How do you spend time with a rabbit?

Tips for spending time with your rabbit
Morning and evening are best. .
Let your bunny come to you. .
Sit down on the floor (stand level with your rabbits). .
Keep it cool and calm. .
Reward your bunny with treats. .
Pet your bunny. .
Play simple games with your bunny. .
Train your bunny.

What does a rabbit need?

In general, rabbits need adequate housing, exercise, socialization and a specific diet for their good well-being. Some breeds of rabbits, especially long-haired rabbits, require daily grooming. It is important that you understand all of the requirements for caring for a rabbit before purchasing one.

What are rabbit toys made of?

Most rabbit toys are made from rabbit-safe materials. Common materials for toys are paper, cardboard, willow sticks, apple wood (or other fruit trees, such as pear), timothy, seaweed, unfinished pine, wood of balsa, sisal and twine.

What are rabbits’ favorite toys?

In general, rabbits like to play with toys that they can chew, dig or throw. Cardboard, twig balls, apple sticks, and toys made from natural hay are often favorites for house rabbits. Rabbits also often enjoy hanging on moving toys and throwing hard plastic baby toys.

How to secure rabbit toys?

Like other pets, rabbits love boxes large and small. You can cut two holes on each side of a cardboard box for your rabbit to run and hide in. A tissue box filled with hay is ideal for curious rabbits. Or you can give them an empty tissue box or small pieces of crumpled cardboard to throw away.

Can rabbits eat toys?

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Commercially available applewood sticks are safe for rabbits. Kaytee Apple Orchard Sticks are made from durable apple wood and are specially designed for rabbits and other small animals to gnaw on. Toys for small dogs made of durable rubber (such as KONG toys) are also safe to chew on by rabbits.


Yes, because rabbits love to play with stuffed animals.

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