Is Henry Joes Baby In You

Is Henry Joes Baby In You The Netflix show is back, and we are witnessing Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn’s antics, this time with a new addition. In Season 3, Joe and Love move to Madre Linda, a fictional suburb in Cali., and begin their lives as newlyweds and parents to their newborn son, Henry “Forty” Quinn-Goldberg.

What happens to Joes baby in You? In the final episode of You season 3, Joe poisons and kills Love, but before that he gives baby Henry away to a couple who is better fit to parent. He drops off Henry at Dante’s (Ben Mehl) house, one of his co-workers at the library who seems like a good person.

Is Henry forty Joe’s baby? Henry “Forty” Quinn-Goldberg is the newborn son of Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg. He is named after Love’s brother, Forty Quinn.

What happens to baby Henry in you Season 3? Baby Henry

He leaves Henry, alongside a goodbye note, with Dante, his co-worker at the library. Dante and his partner had been struggling to adopt a child of their own. A flash forward shows that Henry is happy and thriving in his new home, with two doting (and non-homicidal) dads. Finally, a happy ending in You!

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Why is the baby named Henry in You?

He makes a point of saying he wants a name that is not intimidating, so perhaps the choice is a way to prove he changing his ways? The name could also pay homage to his childhood as he grew up around books and developed a fascination for them.

Who is the father of Love’s baby in You?

The real father is Milo.

This is based on the fact that Love got physical with Milo at one point to bring out the darker side of Joe. If we marked her and Milo’s relations as the time of conception, then it is highly possible that by the time she knew of the pregnancy, she hadn’t been physical with Joe yet.

What happened to Henry at the end of You?

In the end, Henry is left with the best people to raise him while Joe leaves his young son a note which he will get to read once he’s older.

Is Joe’s baby his?

You season 3 pulls off a twist, revealing that Joe and Love have a son, and there’s a reason that the former hates the news at first. Penn Badgley’s Joe Goldberg tries to move on from his serial-killing ways in the You season 2 finale.

Is Henry dead in You?

Fortunately, he doesn’t die. He did have a close call, though. In episode 3, Henry comes down with measles. He ends up contracting the measles from Gil and Margaret’s unvaccinated daughters at a party.

Will there be a season 4 of You?

You season 4 updates

In a surprising move, Netflix renewed You for season 4 ahead of the season 3 release. Of course, this show is incredibly popular, but we weren’t expecting such an early announcement. In March 2022, the streamer shared the exciting news on Twitter that production for the new season had begun.6 hours ago

What happens to Joe and loves son?

Joe Left His Son In Order To Protect Him

With Love dead, Joe took a page from his own mother’s book and made a clean break, leaving Henry on the doorstep of his library co-worker Dante.

Is Henry Joes son?

In Season 3, Joe and Love move to Madre Linda, a fictional suburb in Cali., and begin their lives as newlyweds and parents to their newborn son, Henry “Forty” Quinn-Goldberg.

Why do they call the baby forty?

Basically, the scoring for tennis is super wonky. Each player starts at zero, but they call it love. So if the score is zero-zero, it’s actually love-love. The games only go up to forty, hence Love and Forty as names for two kiddos.

What is Joe and Love’s baby name?

So the name for Joe and Love’s baby is: Henry. Those who haven’t watched “You” before might think this is a lot of great insight for a new daddy to have, but those who have . know better. “He’s a pretty reprehensible guy,” Badgley told TODAY in 2019, speaking about Joe.

Why did Joe want a daughter in you?

His ultimate goal is to make sure his child does not end up down the same path as he did. With a girl, this would almost be too easy, so fans will be introduced to Henry in season three.

What is the baby’s full name in you?

Joe reveals the gender, saying, “a boy is not what we expected.” He then goes on to reveal the baby boy’s name: Henry.

Is Love pregnant by Theo?

She doesn’t know if the baby would be Joe’s or Theo’s. While at a weekend away event with her mother and Sherry, Dottie reveals to Sherry that Love is pregnant. Love freaks out and unloads on her mom, and Dottie gives it back to her. After their fight, Love realizes that she is not pregnant.

Who does Joe get pregnant in You?

In the You season 2 finale, we find out that Love started stalking Joe before he did. She even studied him to make him fall in love with her and then killed Delilah and Candace to “protect” him. Learning this, Joe wants to kill Love but stops when she tells him she is pregnant with his baby.

Is Love’s baby Milo’s?

Milo is the father of Love’s baby.

After all, Joe was going to kill her just before she revealed she was pregnant. Also, most forms of contraception aren’t foolproof — Love might believe the baby is Joe’s only to later realize it’s Milo’s.

Is Love crazier than Joe?

In Netflix’s You, Season 2 did hint that Love Quinn was a bigger monster than Joe Goldberg as she orchestrated everything, playing Joe and driving him to murder so she could win his heart. It was a very brutal bit of entrapment, although Season 3 finds Joe once more reverting to his nasty, selfish ways.

Why did Joe cut off his toes?

Joe cut off his toes so that he could fake his death and make it seem like Love killed him. In the final episode of season 3, Joe and Love’s complicated relationship came to a dramatic end as the couple got into the biggest of all fights over Joe’s affair with Marienne.

Do they find Joe’s pee in You?

The urine jar: Joe leaves behind a jar of his urine in Peach’s home after killing her (not a sex thing; he just couldn’t hold it in). Joe even wonders if urine contains DNA. As it turns out, it rarely does, but he still may have left his fingerprints on the container.

Why did Joe give Henry away?

When Love dies her final words to Joe are, “We’re perfect for each other, but bad for Henry. He’ll know what you are.” Luckily, Joe takes Love’s words to heart and leaves Henry with Dante and Lansing so he has a chance at a better life with great parents.

Is Joe a serial killer in you?

Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti) are serial killers. But they go about their murders differently, and there are categories of different types of serial killers.

Who is worse Love or Joe?

4,500 of you voted, and you decided that Love Quinn is the worst killer. It wasn’t exactly a landslide vote, but she won a very fair majority. Here’s the final result breakdown: Love received 2,915 votes (65.15 per cent overall) and Joe had 1,559 votes (34.85 per cent overall).

Is love Quinn still alive?

After the season was released on Netflix, Newsweek published an interview with Gamble, where she confirmed Love’s death in You.

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