Is Jl Danny Baby Daddy

Is Jl Danny Baby Daddy

Is Jl the father of baby below deck? Below Deck star Jean-Luc ‘JL’ Cerza-Lanaux has confirmed that he is the father of Dani Soares’ child, after taking a paternity test. The pair became close after joining the cast of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season two, which aired last year, and embarked on a brief relationship on board.

Is Dani having a baby with JL? Jean-Luc eventually did take a paternity test, and he shared the results of it on his Instagram feed. Months after Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 concluded, JL returned to social media after a seven month hiatus to confirm that he is the father of Dani’s baby. “As the year 2021 came to a close.

What happened between JL and Dani? During the Sailing Yacht season 2 reunion, which aired in June 2021, Jean-Luc told Dani that he was willing to coparent with her, but he still wanted to take a DNA test. “I understand why she took it poorly because in her mind I might be the only person she’s ever been with,” he explained during the episode.

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Are Dani and Jl still together?

Dani Soares and Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux (Season 2)

The cast member confirmed her pregnancy in April of 2021 and, during the reunion, she shared that JL was the father of her daughter, Lilly Rose. JL appeared on the reunion separately, and he had a one-on-one discussion with host Andy Cohen.

Did Dani and JL get a paternity test?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Crew Reacts to Jean-Luc Confirming He’s the Father of Dani’s Baby. Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux confirmed the results of “an international DNA test” on Instagram last month.

Did Dani give Jl an STD?

Ahead of a Below Deck Sailing Yacht episode reveal, deckhand Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux shared he did not have a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Cerza Lanaux was filmed looking extremely concerned he may have an STD (again). He made the discovery alone in his bunk.

Is Gary and Alli still together?

Alli Dore and Gary King

Even though the duo stayed behind to complete a crossing after season 2, during the reunion they confirmed that they split up shortly after.

Was Hannah pregnant on Below Deck Med?

Hannah Ferrier welcomed her first child, a baby girl, with boyfriend, Josh on October 26, the Below Deck Mediterranean chief stew has confirmed. Hannah announced the happy news in a post on Instagram on November 2. “Madam has arrived! Josh and I are so happy to welcome to the world our little girl – Ava Grace Roberts.

Are Gary and Daisy together?

Gary and Daisy clarified their relationship status again on the Season 3 reunion. During the reunion special, which aired on Bravo on June 27, the co-stars confirmed, once again, that they are not together romantically.

Are any Below Deck couples still together?

Malia White and Jake Baker

She shared that Jake made the first move and that they didn’t become an item until after filming for the season had ended. The couple is still going strong, seen above in an Instagram photo she posted from the Florida Keys on .

Does Glenn own Parsifal?

Parsifal III is a 54-metre (177 feet) sailing yacht built in 2005 by Perini Navi currently owned by Danish entrepreneur Kim Vibe-Petersen.
Parsifal III (yacht)
United Kingdom
Tonnage 460 GT
Length 54 m (177 ft)
Beam 10.70 m (35.1 ft)
11 more rows

Who got pregnant on Below Deck?

Soares, who dated Cerza-Lanaux on the “Below Deck” spinoff, said her baby’s father “seemed supportive” about the pregnancy at first but claimed that “things just changed.” When she was four months pregnant, Soares said she received a message from him that read, “Don’t go around telling people I’m the dad of this child. .

Did Georgia and Paget get together?

The exes first shared the breakup news via Instagram after a comment asking her if she was still together with Paget. “No,” the reality TV star replied. “Things happen. We’re still on good terms and wish each other nothing but the best.”

Who is Paget dating?

Paget Berry has found a new mate. The Below Deck Sailing Yacht alum recently shared some lovely photos of his new girlfriend on Instagram. Paget posted two pics on Instagram on March 28 featuring himself and Johana Mills. The photos show the couple all smiles as they embrace while rocking matching flannel shirts.

What is Dani Soares doing now?

Dani has also decided to pursue a new land-based career in Australia. In addition to currently working as a beauty therapist, she is also studying to become a nurse after enrolling in school earlier this year.

What does Jean-Luc have on below deck?

The Chlamydia Scare

During a May 2021 episode, Jean-Luc revealed to Dani that he was struggling with a health scare that could be a potential STD. “I’m thinking I’m having fun and enjoying myself and then there you go, serious s–t. Not only f–king feelings but also f–king diseases,” Dani said after learning the news.

Where is Jean-Luc from?

Paris, France
Jean-Luc Brunel
Born 1946 Paris, France
Died (aged 75–76) La Santé Prison, Paris, France
Cause of death Suicide by hanging
Nationality French
4 more rows

Who has chlamydia on below deck?

In another scene, Jean-Luc momentarily crumbled after discovering that he may have contracted chlamydia. Jean-Luc has yet to share further details about the mild health crisis on social media. He’s only posted on Instagram a few times since Season 2 Below Deck Sailing Yacht premiered in March 2021.

Where does Marcos from Below Deck work?

“I opened a restaurant in downtown L.A. I opened a bar, and I [will] open another restaurant in two months in Koreatown.” Additionally, Marcos explained that he now has “a contract with UCLA,” adding, “That’s what I’m doing right now, cooking for 1,600 people per day.

Is Gary the father of Allie’s baby?

Below Deck Star Claps Back After Fans Make Comments About How Her Baby Looked In The NICU. There was a lot of baby drama in the last season of Below Deck: Sailing Yacht. At the reunion, Alli Dore announced she was pregnant (and her ex-throuple partner Gary King was most assuredly not the father).

Did Gary and Sydney sleep together?

Gary King and Sydney Zaruba

Early in the second season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht the first mate slept with deckhand Sydney even though he was also interested in stewardess Alli Dore. Gary told Sydney after that it was a one-time thing, but Sydney was already hoping for something more.

Did Malia get Hannah fired?

But, the bosun made it clear that while she won’t be on the show’s upcoming seventh season, her departure has nothing to do with the fallout from Hannah Ferrier’s controversial firing in 2020. “I didn’t leave because of anything that happened,” Malia said during an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Who is the father of Hannah’s baby from Below Deck Mediterranean?

During her pregnancy with Ava, Hannah shared some details about her boyfriend/baby daddy, Josh Roberts. Over time, Hannah has featured Josh more on her Instagram feed, and the couple actually tied the knot in March of 2022. Read on to find out more about their relationship, and to see their wedding photos.

Who did Hannah marry from Below Deck?

Below Deck Mediterranean is back with season six in the UK and many familiar faces have returned. Onboard the Lady Michelle, Katie Flood replaced Hannah Ferrier as Chief Stewardess. Hannah has just married her partner Josh Roberts and has all you need to know.

Who is the father of Daisy’s baby on Below Deck?

Earlier this year, Jean-Luc confirmed that he was the father of Dani’s child. “I’m happy and proud to say sweet and beautiful Lilly Rose is my daughter,” he wrote via Instagram in January, seven months after Dani welcomed their daughter.

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