Is Ksi Having A Baby

Is Ksi Having A Baby

Who in Sidemen is having a baby? Ethan Payne, best known as Behzinga, and his girlfriend Faith Louisak have announced on social media that they’re expecting their first child together, and fans could not be more thrilled. 26-year-old Ethan Payne is popularly known on social media for being part of the UK’s content creation group The Sidemen.

Does Deji have a baby? Deji on Twitter: “i have two kids:

Is KSI appropriate for kids? We recommed that KSI is appropriate for children aged 13+ due to the langauge and sexual references included in his videos.

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Who is KSI GF?

It appears that in 2022, KSI does not currently have a girlfriend. Last year, the Holiday singer sparked rumours that he and his girlfriend put an end to their relationship with a cryptic Instagram story which read, “single and alone”.

Is KSI in a relationship?

YouTube star KSI has officially confirmed that he and his girlfriend have parted ways, days after publishing a cryptic Instagram story claiming he was “single and alone.” Fans have expressed their concerns for YouTuber, rapper, and boxer KSI after he took to Instagram to claim he was “single and alone.”

Who did Deji and Tobi sleep with?

After numerous reaction videos from Vikkstar123, Deji and Kirsty herself, it became apparent she had slept with both of them.

Why did Deji leave sidemen?

He claimed that the reason he was leaving was primarily due to Behzinga (Ethan) as a person, stating he “can’t stand him”. JJ ended the video with a segment of him “rapping” comments which dissed the Sidemen, in particular Ethan.

Did Dunja and Deji breakup?

British YouTuber Babadeji ‘Deji’ Olatunji has revealed that he and ex-girlfriend Dounja ‘Dunjahh’ Akoudad broke up a month before she was accused of making racist remarks in a Twitch stream.

Who is the most kid friendly Youtuber?

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1 Coyote Peterson.
2 Tiffany Herrera. .
3 Rosanna Pansino. .
4 Ryan Kaji. .
5 Colleen Ballinger. .
6 Rafi & Benny Fine. .
7 Daniel Robert Middleton. .
8 CookieSwirlC. .

Is Markiplier ok for 10 year olds?


His videos contain uncensored profanity and the games he features are intended for mature players.

Are KSI and Deji friends?

KSI and Deji have made a reunion video following the YouTube Vs TikTok boxing event and the brothers have finally settled their long-standing beef. Ever since their feud back in 2019, KSI and Deji have been on uncertain terms with fans encouraging the pair to settle their beef privately.

Who is Logan Pauls GF?

Logan Paul has once again been spotted enjoying a romantic dinner date with rumored girlfriend Nina Agdal, in New York City.

How much does KSI earn a year?

KSI has been reported to earn £2.9m ($4.5m) a year through his work as a YouTuber, although his earning is subject to fluctuation depending on his activity as he isn’t paid a salary by the company but earns money from advertising revenue and sponsorships.

Is Katie and Harry still together?

Katie Leach’s ex-boyfriend is Harry Lewis. She has not featured in any of Harry’s YouTube videos.

How old is KSI?

27 years old
How old is KSI? Born on , KSI is 27 years old.

Are Simon and Talia dating?

Inside Sidemen star Simon Minter and Talia Mar’s relationship as pair get engaged. Sidemen star Simon Minter is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Talia Mar. The 29-year-old YouTuber took to Instagram to announce the happy news, sharing an adorable photo of them with the caption: “WE’RE ENGAGED.”

Did KSI pay for Randolph’s wedding?

Deji showed an apparent financial statement that he said showed that KSI transferred £4,000 (about $5,100) to pay for Randolph’s wedding earlier this year.

Who created the Sidemen?

Sidemen (YouTube group)
Created by Olajide “KSI” Olatunji Simon “Miniminter” Minter Joshua “Zerkaa” Bradley Tobit “TBJZL” Brown Ethan “Behzinga” Payne Vikram “Vikkstar123” Barn
Years active 2013–present
Genre Entertainment gaming vlog
Subscribers 130.9 million (combined)
13 more rows

Who are the Sidemen dating?

Simon has three Youtube channels and he has been dating fellow YouTuber and singer Talia Mar since 2018.

Does Harry from the Sidemen do drugs?

Harry has since joked about using marijuana and having a drug addiction but it is unknown if it is actually true. In 2021, he said was “not currently on drugs”.

DO KSI and Simon still live together?

Discover KSI And Simon No Longer Live With Each Other ‘s popular videos | TikTok.

Why is JJ on the left man?

He claimed that the reason he was leaving was primarily due to Ethan, stating he “can’t stand him”. JJ ended the video with a segment of him “rapping” which included disses against the Sidemen, in particular Ethan. The same day (August 6), Ethan uploaded a video titled “REPLACING KSI IN THE SIDEMEN HOUSE”.

How old is Deji?

25 years ( )
Deji Olatunji / Age

Where is Deji?

He now resides in Peterborough, England, with his parents. Deji created his first YouTube channel on , named TheAngelzKid.

What Should 11 year olds watch on YouTube?

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