What Is The Current Happy Meal Toy


Are you curious as to what makes McDonald’s Happy Meals so joyful? Although most kids enjoy eating chicken nuggets and fries, the beautiful toys inside the package are what really get them excited. Since you may anticipate to find the newest Happy Meal toys on your next visit to McDonald’s, we want to keep you updated on all of them.

Happy Meal toys are only offered for a brief period of time with each new release. Even yet, you might still be able to find missed favourites on eBay if the supply runs out. Each Happy Meal toy introduction typically lasts for around a month. A different toy with that particular theme will be distributed each day of the month. You therefore have the full month to attempt to amass the entire set.

How Happy Meal Toys Are Getting More Environmentally Friendly Around The World

Our Happy Meal Toys make everyone happy, whether they come in the form of the silly, yellow Minions or Spider-Man, who saves the world. Can these toys, however, also bring joy to our planet? We have reevaluated every aspect of this McDonald’s Happy Meal favourite after asking ourselves this question, from the material used in their manufacture to its general utility. As a result, we’ve globally made some significant adjustments to our Happy Meal Toys.Most McDonald’s locations across the world are dedicated to using recycled plastic in Happy Meal Toys, but some have taken it a step further. These three motivational tales are opening the door for more.

How Were Mcdonald’s Happy Meal Toys Made?

Contrary to popular belief, Happy Meals have not been around since 1940, when McDonald’s originally opened for business. It was 1979, nearly 40 years later, when the Happy Meal was first made available.

The first Happy Meal came with fries, cookies, a soft drink, and a toy (not much nourishment there! ), and its packaging included a circus theme. Small stencils, wristbands, erasers, wrist wallets, spinning tops, and puzzles were among the toys available at the period.

100 Years Of Magic By Disney

The Magic of 100 Years of Disney In a three-year celebration honouring Walt Disney’s 100th birthday, Happy Meal toys were produced.

McDonald’s released 100 distinct Happy Meals in honour of the occasion.Toys of various Cartoon characters that had a gold base with the character’s name and the year that they first introduced to audiences were available. On Ebay, whole sets of the 100 toys are offered for sale for prices between $165 and $350.

Pick the July 2021 Happy Meal Toy of the Month

In other words, a yellow prankster will accompany your McDonald’s Happy Meal and wait impatiently for you to open the box. In your meal, keep an eye out for this unique capsule that contains one of these rock-star monsters. You won’t know who Gru it is sorry, who it is until you prop open the door. Whether it’s Kevin or Stuart, Bob or Mel, Carl or Phil, Dave or Otto, you won’t know until then.

There are 35 of these Minions hiding about, all eager to join your toy army. If the capsule manages to capture any of the 10 award-winning expressions made by Stuart, Bob, Dave, Carl, Kevin, or Otto, it will be a sight to behold.

The Hot Wheels, Barbie, or Beanie Baby rewards have been some of the best Happy Meal toys that McDonald’s has created over the years. Even little Build-a-Bear toys were once available! Basically, whatever is most in demand with children tends to get scaled down and included in Happy Meals. To watch what McDonald’s will come up with next is always exciting.

Plastic Park

McDonald’s UK and Ireland have substituted non-renewable resources with alternatives to help remove 3,000+ tonnes of plastic from circulation.

Soft toys, books, and paper-based goods are mixed with hard plastic toys. Diners in these two nations have jointly returned more than a million toys for recycling after being asked by the restaurants there.

At the Ronald McDonald House Oxford, several of these discarded plastic creations including ones that were not delivered with McDonald’s Happy Meals have been repurposed as colourful playground elements. Families with children in the Oxford Children’s Hospital can use the 62-bedroom facility as a home away from home.

The play area, designed for kids of all ages and skill levels, is demountable and recyclable. For 2021, more than 15 such playgrounds using repurposed Happy Meal toys are planned. Is there anything happier than this?

Toy Or Book

McDonald’s France stopped manufacturing plastic toys in It is excellent that cardboard and paper ones are preferred. The same goes for their “One Book or One Toy” initiative, which invites customers to choose a book with their McDonald’s Happy Meal rather of a toy. The end consequence was a sharp decline in plastic consumption and an increase in book buyers. Additionally, since 2014, McDonald’s France has stopped utilising batteries in their toys. Since 2018, they have released paper games like colouring pages and trading cards.

They stopped using plastic packaging for their Happy Meal toys in 2020. The nation’s retailers aim to save 3,000+ metric tonnes of plastic yearly after halving their consumption between 2017 and 2020.


The organisation works with families, play experts, engineers, and suppliers to create innovative designs in order to maintain the “fun” in every Happy Meal toy.However, McDonald’s also intends to develop interactive games that can appeal to adults, along with individualised crafts and construct-your-own-house initiatives.An artist-owned company called Cactus Plant Flea Market has a hazy mission statement. Despite the fact that the business seems to span several industries, including fashion and now Happy Meal collectibles, many in the music industry, including Kid Cudi, love the product.This includes “popular favourites” like Batman, who was formerly available as a plastic figurine but may now make a comeback as a build-it-yourself three-dimensional (3D) figure, or the return of the “Minions.”characters in a format that is interactive and adaptable. To create each one unique, kids can add their own eyes, clothes, and hair in addition to stickers.

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