What To Wear With Blue Shirt

What color pants go with a light blue shirt?

You may wear the blue shirt with a pair of jeans that are strictly dark in color. In the summer, you may even pair it with a pair of green, yellow, or white pants. Light blue shirts look well with blue, beige, gray, or burgundy pants for an easy-to-wear outfit. Stay away from dark colors such as black or brown.
White shirts always work well with any grey tone or light beige trouser. Khaki pant and a dark blue shirt are the best casual and formal colour combination. Checked blue shirt and dark grey trouser is a wise section for your office. Blue pant and a white shirt complete your formal attire.
A shirt in a light or medium shade of blue would work well with pants in a dark shade of blue such as navy. Aiming for this contrast is the key to making it work.
If you are going to wear black pant then you are free to select any colour of the shirt. Perfect Matching Shirt Colours for Black Pant: White, purple, blue, light pink, maroon, light grey, red, light yellow, turquoise green, light orange, etc. #3.

What to wear with a blue suit?

13 Classy Blue Suit Combinations: What to Wear With a Blue Suit. 1 Blue Suit / White Shirt. Best tie colors: Red, Burgundy, Black. The blue and white color combo is as classic as you can go. But classic doesn’t mean … 2 Blue Suit / Dark Blue Shirt. 3 Blue Suit / Pink Shirt. 4 Blue Suit / Floral Shirt. 5 Blue Suit / Light Blue Shirt. More items
A white shirt will always be suitable. A light blue or lilac coloured shirt will be too. If you’re more daring we would recommend hunting down a floral print or geometric patterned shirt. Ensure the suit colour and shirt are complimentary otherwise you will be attracting far too much attention for one man.
You can wear a purple tie with a blue suit and a white, light pink, or light purple shirt. The suit can be a mid or dark blue. Avoid wearing purple ties with bright blue suits because the colors clash. The items in the outfit are as follows:
The darker navy blue colour is a timeless classic, but don’t be afraid to look at different hues and materials for your suit to keep it fresh. We have a host of stylish men wearing different blue suits in our gallery further on.

What to wear with a blue and white plaid boyfriend shirt?

To achieve this look, you can wear a blue and white plaid slim fit shirt at the top. Pair it with a pair of black high waisted skinny jeans. For the shoes, wear a pair of black leather loafers. Add a black felt hat into the mix to provide the nifty artistic touch. Using the brown and blue color combination is a great way to build a stylish outfit.
The light blue boyfriend shirt is another popular item. I would say it’s a really close second to the checked shirt. You can simply pair it with jeans or denim shorts, and the latter is preferred for a more feminine and beautiful casual look. For a chic look, you can pair a chambray boyfriend shirt with jeans and heels.
This is a slim fit blue and white checkered button up plaid shirt that does make you look taller and leaner than other boyfriend shirts. To style the nice shirt, you can wear a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a pair of black leather flats to complete the outfit in a clean and stylish way.
For those of you that have beautiful legs, a great way to wear a boyfriend shirt is to pair it with leggings. To look more stylish and fashionable, leather leggings is a great choice. As a causal and sexy outfit idea, you can wear a oversized pink boyfriend shirt as a longline jacket, and pair it with crop top and shorts.

How do you wear a blue and white checkered shirt?

An easy way to look like a total boss in your checkered shirt is to wear it over the top of a dress like this. Is it a way to spice up your outfit instead of wearing a cardigan or jacket. Either wear it over-sized like this one or tight fitting to show off your waist. This is one of the best tips on how to wear checkered shirts! 2. Open over a top
Striped ties are an excellent choice for pairing with check shirts since they are easy to match. Opt for a tie with a broad, strong stripe to ensure that it stands out against the shirt’s design. Polka dots and paisleys can also be used successfully, as long as the same principles are followed. 1 What matches with a checkered shirt?
With a larger, window pane checkered shirt, the inverse would work well. While a solid tie will look great against either a gingham or window pane checkered shirt, with regard to patterned ties, you want to choose ties where patterns are smaller in proportion relative to the checkered shirt.
Remember, the golden rule when matching shirts to your ties is to take into account both pattern AND proportion. Hence, you ideally want to vary both of these elements.

How to wear checkered shirts?

Follow Adam Galla’s style and wear your check shirt open, with a plain white t-shirt underneath. Pair it with a beanie cap and aviators for a sexy, elusive style. #2. Formal, Evening Style
A checkered shirt, also known as plaid or flannel, is a must have for any wardrobe. It can be worn with jeans, a dress, as a cardigan, around your waist; the outfit choices are limitless! One of my favourite fashion staples is a checkered shirt. I could wear checkered shirts all year round, but honestly, they look the best in fall and winter.
I could wear checkered shirts all year round, but honestly, they look the best in fall and winter. And don’t forget that they’re comfortable, cosy and usually inexpensive. With such a diverse item of clothing you will be ready to take on any weather in any climate. So here is how to wear checkered shirts and look like a total boss! 1. As a cardigan
Throw on your checkered dress with a pair of sneakers, but make sure you contrast or match the colors. If the checkered print is in neutral shades, your best bet would be to go for a black or white pair of sneakers where if it is a bright-colored dress, pair it with some dull-colored sneakers.

What color tie should I wear with a check shirt?

Given that most high quality shirts are constructed of cotton, try pairing your small checkered or gingham shirt with a knitted, woolen, or linen tie instead! Alternatively, you could go for a complementary color on the color wheel, i.e orange with blue, purple with yellow, or pink with green:
A navy tie combined with a sky blue or pink gingham check shirt make a perfect combination. If you’re trying to go for a large tartan/plain version, one thing to remember is to choose the more subtle base tones in your shirts, and combine it with a block-color tie. Tip: Always keep the tie color darker than the color in the shirt.
So you can wear a tie that is the same color as the shirt you are wearing, as long as the tie is the darker of the two. It’s hard to get more classic business professional than a white shirt and a dark suit.
Red and dark blue ties go well blue shirts. In general, a good rule of thumb for a conservative look is a blue or white shirt with a red or blue tie. While classic looks are good standbys, sometimes you want to wear something a bit more exciting.

What kind of tie goes with a window pane checkered shirt?

With a checkered shirt, given that a large portion of checkered shirts on the market are smaller checked, like gingham, your best option is to opt for an abstract with wide spacing such as a polka dot tie or a wider, blocked striped tie. With a wider checked shirt such as a window pane, you are best off opting for a smaller abstract or motif tie.
We recommend keeping the tie in the same color family (blues, grays), and a rule of thumb is the contrast the size of patterns in an outfit. If the windowpane pattern on your suit is big, wear a tie with a small pattern and vice versa. Is it possible to pull off brown shoes with a dark navy suit with a black windowpane pattern?
Your white shirt shouldn’t have a color pattern in this case, but you could check out a white shirt with a subtle, crosshatch weave that gives a plain white shirt more depth and texture. Patterned ties also get a bit tricky to wear with a windowpane suit.
While the check-on-check pattern will clash horribly, oversized stripes provide a clean visual contrast with the gingham check pattern. This can be a tricky rule to get right, so if you’re new to matching ties and shirts, stick with a solid or herringbone dress shirt when wearing a patterned tie. 2. Never: Floral Tie with Floral Shirt

Should you match your shirt to your tie?

One thing you will want to remember: Your tie pattern should never exactly match your shirt pattern in proportion. For example – a blue pinstriped tie should not be worn with a blue pinstriped shirt with similar sized proportions.
Instead focus on matching your accessories and shirt to your most expensive items (suits and jackets!) first and work your way down to items that cost less – such as your tie. Jackets/Suits – It doesn’t matter if it’s a blazer or sports jacket, this will probably be the most expensive item of the three.
Before you even think about color choices for your shirt and tie, one of the most basic rules is … Your shirt should always be lighter than your tie. While suit colors may vary, it’s best to go for a tie that is darker in shade than your shirt
If you are pairing two patterns, whether they are different or similar (e.g a striped tie against a striped shirt), it is essential that pattern proportion / scale differ so as to create contrast (e.g a pinstriped shirt with a wider striped tie).

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