What Toys In Happy Meal


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Enjoy a kid-friendly meal when you order a Happy Meal with options like a Burger or Chicken McNuggets, with kid-friendly fries, apple slices, choice of drink and a Happy Meal toy!

What is the Happy Meal UK toy?

What toy is available in a Happy Meal this month? At McDonalds, their new “Soft Smurfs” toys appeared: Papa Smurf, Brainy, Smurfette, Blossom and others. Collect the whole collection and have fun with your friends.

What’s the next Happy Meal toy?

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From September 20 to October 17, Disney Pixars Cars On The Road cars will be the Happy Meal toys you can expect.

Do Happy Meals always come with toys?

SEE ALSO: McDonald’s is adding Adult Happy Meals to its menu. Yes, you get a toy.

What is the Happy Meal toy for ch?

IO Kart ch McDonalds Happy Meal Toys COMPLETE SET! – Youtube. io Kart ch McDonalds Happy Meal Toys FULL GAME!

What is an Adult Happy Meal?

Adult Happy Meal comes with a Big Mac or

What’s included in a British Happy Meal?

Happy Meal
Veggie Dippers (2 pieces) Meal.
Fish Fingers (3 pieces) Meal.
Hamburger Meal.
Cheeseburger Meal.
Chicken McNuggets (4 pieces) Meal.

What is the oldest Happy Meal toy?

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1979. The Happy Meal is born! The box had a circus theme and came with chips, cookies, a soda, and a toy. The toys were McDoodler models, McWrist handbags, small bracelets, puzzles, erasers or spinning tops.

How often do Happy Meal toys change?

about once a month
Hi, Hannah. Big question! We change our Happy Meal toys about once a month.

Do the boo cubes come back?

Happy Meals usually come in cardboard boxes shaped like little houses, so the cubes were a spooky treat. The restaurant chain brought them back for Halloween, and social media buzzed for weeks ahead of the nostalgic release.


A: You can scan your Happy Meal toy using our in-app scanner to unlock additional surprise content in-game. Please note that toy scanning is only available when your favorite Happy Meal characters are featured on your live app and in the restaurant.

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