Who Is Rosie Rivera First Baby Daddy

Who Is Rosie Rivera First Baby Daddy Rosie Rivera first baby daddy was reportedly named Rickey, according to many media reports, though Rosie hasn’t confirmed the news yet. She gave birth to her first baby, Kassandra Rivera with him in 2003.

Who was Rosie Rivera’s first husband? Rosa Amelia Rivera (born ) is an American television personality and businesswoman. Rivera is the former chief executive officer of Jenni Rivera Enterprises.
Rosie Rivera
Television I Love Jenni and Rica, Famosa, Latina
Spouse(s) Abel Flores ​ ( m. 2011)​
Children 3
3 more rows

Does Rosie Rivera have a daughter? Kassandra Rivera

Samantha Chay Flores
Rosie Rivera/Daughters

Who is Rosie Rivera’s husband? Abel Flores
Rosie Rivera / Husband (m. 2011)

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Is Rosie Rivera and Abel still married?

Rosie Rivera and Her Husband Abel Flores. Rosie Rivera has been married to Abel Flores since 2011. Abel and Rosie have gone through thick and thin together. Still, just like Rosie’s life journey, it all started with some complex challenges.

How old is Kassandra Rivera?

About 19 years (2003)
Kassandra Rivera / Age

How old was Rosie Rivera when she had her baby?

Rosie Rivera is expecting her second child with husband Abel Flores! The 34-year-old confirmed the baby news via her social media pages. No word yet on the baby’s gender, but she revealed a cute photo that will make your heart melt.

How much money does chiquis Rivera make?

Chiquis Rivera net worth: Chiquis Rivera is an American singer and television personality who has a net worth of $3 million.
Chiquis Rivera Net Worth.
Net Worth: $3 Million
Date of Birth: (37 years old)
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, U.S
Profession: Singer, actress, television personality, author, entrepreneur

How is Rosie Rivera rich?

Consequently, when Jenni passed away on , Rivera became the trustee of Jenni’s finances. According to ABC News, the fortune was around $25 million then. Rivera took over as the CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises and was in charge also of Jenni’s music and merchandise.

Who is Juan Rivera married to?

Brenda Rivera
Juan Rivera / Spouse (m. 2017)

What was Jenni Rivera’s net worth at death?

Jenni Rivera Net Worth: Jenni Rivera was a Mexican-American Latin singer/songwriter, actress, television producer and entrepreneur who had a net worth of $25 million at the time of her death.

What did Juan Lopez died of?

Juan López / Date of death

Who is Pedro Rivera married to now?

Juana Ahumada
m. 2019

Rosa Saavedra
m. 1963–2008
Pedro Rivera/Spouse

Who is Lupillo Rivera married to?

Mayeli Alonso
Lupillo Rivera / Spouse (m. 2006–2019)

How old is Lupillo Rivera?

50 years ( )
Lupillo Rivera / Age

When was Kassandra Rivera birthday?

2003 (age 19 years)
Kassandra Rivera / Date of birth

What does Rosie Rivera do now?

Rivera also launched her own foundation to help victims of domestic abuse. On the fifth anniversary of her death, we spoke with her only sister, Rosie Rivera, who is now the president and CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises.

How old is Pedro Rivera Sr?

Pedro Rivera
Born: Pedro Rivera Cervantes (78 years old) La Barca, Jalisco, Mexico
Occupation: Singer & actor
Ex-Wife Rosa Rivera (m. 1963-2003)
2 more rows

Who is the richest Rivera?

Rosie Rivera New Worth: Rosie Rivera is a Mexican television personality who has a net worth of $14 million.
Rosie Rivera Net Worth.
Net Worth: $14 Million
Place of Birth: Long Beach, California, U.S.
1 more row

Who got Jenni Rivera money?

A judge has awarded $70 million to the families of the four staffers of the late Latin music superstar Jenni Rivera who died along with the performer when their private plane crashed in Mexico in 2012.

Where does Chiquis live now?

Los Angeles
Chiquis Rivera / Places lived

Is Juan López still alive?

Juan López / Date of death

Is Rosa Rivera married?

Abel Flores
Rosie Rivera / Spouse (m. 2011)

Did Brenda and Juan divorce?

Today, Juan and Brenda are living happily ever after with their children in California. Juan is back to making his music and preserving his sister’s amazing legacy. On his Instagram, he talks about her quite often.

Where is Brenda Rivera from?

Puerto Rico
Originally from Puerto Rico, Brenda grew up in Manhattan and moved to Hampton Roads 25 years ago. She loves living in Virginia Beach, where she is close to her grown daughter, son and four grandchildren. In addition to spending time with them, Brenda enjoys reading, crocheting, Paint Nite events and her two Yorkies.

How old was Jenni Rivera when she had chiquis?

Her family introduced her to traditional Mexican music, including the genres of banda, norteña, and ranchera. Rivera earned straight A’s in school until her sophomore year, when at 15 she became pregnant with the first of her five children, Janney “Chiquis” Marín-Rivera.

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