Who Is Royce Reed Baby Father

Who Is Royce Reed Baby Father

Who did Royce have a baby with? ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Royce Reed Turns Herself In To Police Over Child Neglect Charges. She shares son Braylon, 14, with NBA player Dwight Howard. Basketball Wives star Royce Reed has reportedly turned herself into police in Orange County, Florida and been charged with neglect of a child – a third-degree felony.

Does Dwight Howard pay child support? Via TMZ: Dwight Howard is being sued in Florida by a woman(Tiffany) who claims she and Dwight struck a private deal back in 2013 that required him to pay over $10k per month in child support. Tiffany says Howard hasn’t been paying up … and since January, has only paid her HALF of what he owes.

Where is Royce Reed now? Royce Reed

As one of the original cast members, fans will never forget the former NBA dancer. In addition to being a mom to her son Braylon—who is now 13 years old! —Royce has been working full time on her non-profit competition team Fantashique.

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What is Royce net worth from Basketball Wives?

Royce Reed’s Net Worth:
Royce Reed’s Net Worth $1.5 Million
Age 41 Years
Date of Birth
Place of Birth Orlando, Florida, United States
Height 5 ft 3 in
3 more rows•

Who is Christine Vest?

Christine Vest is Senior Regional Operations Manager for CBRE’s Global Corporate Services’ Windstream account.

What happened to Dwight Howard’s baby mama?

Melissa Rios’ Death Initially Reported As Caused By Epileptic Seizure. Melissa Rios died on , she was 31. At the time, the former couple’s son — David — was six years old. Rios was alone inside the apartment at the time of her death.

What is Dwight Howard’s salary?

23.18 million USD (2017)
Dwight Howard / Salary

How many baby mamas Dwight have?

Dwight Howard has five children with five different women. Their names are Braylon, Jayde, Layla, David, and Dwight III or Trey. He is alleged to have eight kids, but has claimed to have only five. The names of his baby-mamas are: Royce Reed, Christine Vest, Hope Alexa, Tiffany Render, and Melissa Rios.

What happened with Royce Reed and Dwight Howard?

Reed and Howard battled over custody of their son in the past, with Reed accusing the NBA player of abusing their son with a belt. Orlando Sentinel reports he was later cleared of the charges following an investigation.

Where is Royce Reed from?

Orlando, FL
Royce Reed / Place of birth

What movie did Royce Reed play in?

Call Time

First Lady
Royce Reed/Appears in

What college did Royce Reed go to?

Royce Lyndsay Reed Wiki / Bio (School, Birthday & Trivia)
Full Real Name Royce Lyndsay Reed.
Place of Birth Orlando, Florida, United States.
Current Residence Orlando, Florida, United States.
Education Graduate.
Alma mater Dr. Phillips High School. Florida A&M University.
9 more rows•

How much is Tammy Rowland net worth?

Tami Roman net worth: Tami Roman is an American reality television star who has a net worth of $3.5 million.
Tami Roman Net Worth.
Net Worth: $3.5 Million
Date of Birth: (52 years old)
Gender: Female
Profession: Actor, Model, Businessperson, Film Producer
1 more row

How much does Chris Paul make from State Farm?

He is also one of the highest-paid athletes and holds endorsement deals with companies with Air Jordan and State Farm.
Chris Paul Net Worth 2022 (Updated 2022)
Name Chris Paul
Salary Approximately $30.5 million per year.
Endorsements Nike, Panini, Spalding, State Farm, Walt Disney
8 more rows

How Rich Is Charles Barkley?

Charles Barkley is a retired professional basketball player and current television sports analyst who has a net worth of $50 million.

How rich is Carmelo Anthony?

What is Carmelo Anthony’s net worth and salary? Carmelo Anthony is a Brooklyn-born professional basketball player who has a net worth of $160 million dollars.

Who has the most kids in the world?

The first wife of peasant Yakov Kirillov from the village of Vvedensky, Russia, gave birth to 57 children in a total of 21 births. She had four sets of quadruplets, seven sets of triplets and ten sets of twins.

What athlete has the most kids?

1. Calvin Murphy – 14 Children With 9 Women. Most people consider three or four children to be a lot, but former Rockets player Calvin Murphy has a jaw-dropping 14 kids and by nine different women.

How many illegitimate children does Dwight Howard have?

Duhon told a mutual acquaintance within earshot that Howard had at least five illegitimate children through five different women. At the time, it was known that he had two or three, so this was a pretty big revelation about the guy who once asked the league to add a cross to the Jerry West logo.

What happened to Royce Reed and Dez Briscoe?

We reported late 2012 that reality star Royce Reed dumped NFL baller Dezmon Briscoe earlier this year after rumors of infidelity surfaced. The ex-BBW star was left humiliated after it came out that her baller boo had been sending freaky messages to his baby mother, Christina Nero and other jumpoffs.

How old is Dwight Howard?

36 years ( )
Dwight Howard / Age

Why did Royce go to jail?

What Royce Reed is being charged for. Reed was arrested for child neglect related to a situation with the 14-year-old son she shares with NBA player Dwight Howard. Per court documents, their son is currently working through issues with professionals over past incidents regarding anger and sexual inappropriateness.

What is Royce Reed famous for?

Royce Reed is an actress, known for First Lady (2018), Call Time (2021) and Red Flagz (2022).

What season was Royce Reed On Basketball Wives?

Basketball Wives (season 2)
Basketball Wives
Starring Royce Reed Suzie Ketcham Tami Roman Jennifer Williams Evelyn Lozada Shaunie O’Neal
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 12
7 more rows

What’s the name of Tami Roman’s new show?

Caught in the Act: Unfaithful
EXCLUSIVE: Caught in the Act: Unfaithful, a reality series hosted by former Basketball Wives and The Real World star Tami Roman, has been renewed for a second season at VH1.

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