Who Is The Father Of Ara Mina Baby

Who Is The Father Of Ara Mina Baby

Who is the daughter of Ara Mina? Amanda Gabrielle Meneses
Ara Mina / Daughter

Who is Ara Mina new husband? Dave Almarinez
On , actress Ara Mina tied the knot with boyfriend and Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC) undersecretary, Dave Almarinez. The ceremony was held at Alphaland Baguio Mountain Lodges Chapel in Baguio City.

Who is Dave Almarinez? Dave Almarinez is more than just Ara Mina’s husband. He’s actually the President and CEO of PITC (Philippine International Trading Corporation). Reports are conflicting but he is said to be worth around $20 million (Php1 billion) by some estimates.

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Who is Ara Mina sister?

Cristine Reyes
Ara Mina / Sister

‹The template Philippine name is being considered for merging.› Ara Cristine Pascual Klenk, known professionally as Cristine Reyes, is a Filipino actress, model, dancer and endorser. She is often called as the “Ultimate Star” by the local media for her acting prowess and popularity. Wikipedia

How did Ara Mina and Dave met?

They were introduced to each other, the night wore on, and that was that. “That was it. We were just acquainted,” begins Ara. What would have been a rather boring meet-cute with no results turned out to just be a slow and steady start.

Who designed Ara Mina wedding dress?

Fashion designer Leo Almodal, designed and handcrafted the fully crystallized 700,000 pesos wedding gown. The traje de boda of Ara Mina was aaod to be a gift from her sister Cristine Reyes.

What is the job of Ara Mina husband?

Dave is the president and CEO of the Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC), with the rank of undersecretary. According to his profile on the PITC website, he was previously a provincial board member of Laguna. In an interview on Magandang Buhay, Ara said that she was happily dating a non-showbiz person.

Did Cristine Reyes attend Ara Mina’s wedding?

Kapuso chef Jose Sarasola was one of Dave’s groomsmen while actress Barbie Imperial is one of Ara’s bridesmaids. She attended the wedding with boyfriend Diego Loyzaga. Ara’s sisters, Cristine Reyes and Heidi Gatmaytan, and friend Jan Marini served as matrons of honor.

How old is Cristine Reyes?

33 years ( )
Cristine Reyes / Age

Is Macky Mathay related to Ara Mina?

Sunshine Cruz and Macky Mathay

Following her separation in 2013, she had her second chance in love in 2016. This after, Macky Mathay, brother of Ara Mina, sent her a direct message. The rest is history. These days, Sunshine declared she has no regrets.

Who made Ara Mina’s gown?

MANILA, Philippines — Designer Leo Almodal revealed the inspiration behind actress Ara Mina’s wedding gown. In his Instagram account, Leo said that the gown is a Baroque Rococo princess ball dress and was “handcrafted to perfection.”

Who is the father of Cristine Reyes?

Romeo Reyes
Cristine Reyes / Father

How is Cristine Reyes related to Ara Mina?

As seen on Cristine and her half-sister Ara Mina’s Instagram accounts, their family bonded together frequently last year. They have two other sisters namely Heidi Gatmaitan and Mina Princess Klenk whom they fondly call as “Batching”.

Where in Baguio did Ara Mina get married?

Alphaland Baguio Mountain Lodges
Ara Mina married Dave Almarinez at Baguio’s Alphaland Baguio Mountain Lodges. The pair tied the knot in the chapel that was done in a classic theme of white floral and foresty greens designed by celebrity favorite, florist and event stylist Gideon Hermosa.

Is Cristine Reyes married?

Ali Khatibi
Cristine Reyes / Spouse (m. 2016)

What is Cristine Reyes real name?

Ara Marie Cristine Reyes
Cristine Reyes / Full name

Is Cristine Reyes and Ara Mina biological sisters?

Ara Mina (born Hazel Pascual Reyes-Almarinez; ) is a Filipino actress, singer, endorser, and entrepreneur.
Ara Mina
Relatives Cristine Reyes (half-sister) Chuck Mathay (biological father) Mel Mathay (biological paternal grandfather)
8 more rows

How old is Macky Mathay?

42 years old
Sunshine Cruz wrote a sweet birthday message for her partner Macky Mathay as he turned 42 years old. On Instagram, Sunshine posted a series of photos of the moments she shared with Macky.

How old is Amarah Khatibi?

Cristine Reyes’ daughter Amarah Khatibi turned five last . The actress then took it to Instagram to greet her daughter and posted a picture of her daughter smiling down on her pink cake.

How tall is Cristine Reyes?

5′ 3″
Cristine Reyes / Height

Is Christine Reyes a single mom?

Reyes disliked working when she started in the biz. Now that she’s 30 and a mother to a 4-year-old girl, Cristine Reyes said that life, for her, is not about seeking personal happiness anymore. “Many things have changed.

Who is Cristine Reyes mother?

Venus Imperial
Cristine Reyes / Mother

Is Christine Reyes and Ali Khatibi still together?

FRESH SCOOPS. Since her separation with former husband Ali Khatibi, Cristine Reyes has kept mum about the details about her personal life but now that she is in a better place, the Untrue star happily shared that she is more focused on their daughter Amarah and she has moved on from the past.

How old is Kristine Hermosa?

38 years ( )
Kristine Hermosa / Age

How old is loyzaga?

27 years ( )
Diego Loyzaga / Age

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