Who Plays Woody In Toy Story


Who Plays Woody In Toy Story

Everyone’s memories of their childhood escapades were rekindled by Disney’s newest Lightyear movie. Toy Story has a cast of likeable people and timeless toys that have touched everyone’s lives at some point. Each toy conjures up both a memory from childhood and a worry from adulthood. Here are all the Toy Story toys, explained, in case Lightyear has you wanting to revisit or brush up on the original cast.

In “Toy Story 4,” Tom Hanks portrays Woody once more.

In the most recent “Toy Story” film, Woody is Bonnie’s toy and tries to persuade Forky that he’s a toy.

in his role as Woody Sheriff Even though things have changed since we last saw Woody, he now lives with Bonnie because Andy is an adult. Bonnie fails.

ln favour of her new toy, Forky, she lost interest in Woody. When Forky is captured by the evil toy Gabby Gabby, Woody rescues him with the aid of Bo Peep, who has come back. In the end, Woody stays with Bo Peep and works to reunite missing toys with their owners. Tom Hanks, a multiple Academy Award winner recognised for his main performances in Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Big, and Cast Away, among countless other films, has always provided the voice of Woody.

Mr. Lightyear (Tim Allen)

Mr. Lightyear (Tim Allen)

Buzz Lightyear has one of the bravest hearts in the toy box, while not always being the sharpest tool. This toy’s light-up buttons, flying abilities, and catchphrase make it popular with kids. Buzz initially believes he has entered Andy’s room by mistake.

She lost interest in Woody in favour of her brand-new toy, Forky. With the aid of a resurfacing Bo Peep, Woody manages to rescue Forky after he is captured by the evil toy Gabby Gabby. In the end, Woody stays with Bo Peep and works to find new homes for abandoned toys. Tom Hanks has always provided the voice of Woody. He has won numerous Academy Awards and is well-known for his main performances in films like Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Big, and Cast Away, among countless others.

Jessie, played by Joan Cusack

Jessie the cowgirl made her screen debut in Toy Story 2. She appeared with Woody and her horse, Bullseye, in the old television series Woody’s Roundup. When he stays with Bo Peep, Woody eventually gives Jessie his sheriff’s badge in appreciation for her bravery in commandeering Bonnie’s family’s RV to travel to the aid of her pals. In addition to portraying Sheila Jackson in Shameless, Joan Cusack is well-known for numerous film roles (some of which she has shared with her brother John).

Pooh Peep (Annie Potts)

Pooh Peep (Annie Potts)

Sheriff Woody and Andy’s younger sister’s room are both brightened by Bo Peep. Bo’s calm presence and objective viewpoint are frequently relied upon by Woody when he needs emotional support or assistance. Although Bo appears submissive at first Toy Story 4 reveals her other talents after only two movies. Bo Peep is a risk-taker with a strong moral compass. She assists other toys in adjusting to new environments and finding humour in challenging situations.

As Rex, Wallace Shawn

Rex is an indifferent Tyrannosaurus Rex made of plastic. Although he has a kind heart and always displays bravery when assisting friends, he is more fearful than fearsome. Rex has Wallace Shawn as his voice. He has had a long and diverse career in theatre, film, and television. The Princess Bride is undoubtedly his best-known role. He most recently appeared on television in Young Sheldon as Dr. John Sturgis.

The cowgirl Jessie (Joan Cusack)

Jessie, who comes from the same toy collection as Sheriff Woody, has one of the list’s most tragic and moving backstories. In the park, Jessie got separated from her owner and was never able to return home. Jessie gradually reopened herself after meeting Woody, even falling in love with another toy in Andy’s room at one point.

Hamm, played by John Ratzenberger, is a piggy bank that enjoys cracking jokes. Evil Dr. Porkchop is his alter ego. In terms of box office earnings, John Ratzenberger is one of the most successful performers ever because he voices a character in each and every Pixar film. He is also well-known for his role as Cliff Clavin in the film Cheers.


Bullseye has always been the cowboy’s most devoted horse. He voluntarily and unrepentantly drags Woody along on perilous expeditions. Bullseye infuses Andy’s Toy room with a lot of lively energy because to his puppy-like behaviours and disposition. Bullseye cannot speak in the same manner as the other toys, but he is able to communicate a lot through his body language and facial expression. He is the epitome of the phrase “actions speak louder than words.”

Mr. Potato Head as played by Don Rickles (old recordings)

Mr. Potato Head is snarky, pessimistic, and cranky. He is also completely loyal to Woody and hopelessly in love with Mrs. Potato Head. Don Rickles was a renowned stand-up comedian with an almost 60-year career. He passed away in 2017, without having his Toy Story 4 performance filmed. Pixar has repurposed old recordings with the OK of Mr. Potato Head’s family to keep him in the film. He has a special place in Toy Story 4.

Rex (Wallace Shawn) (Wallace Shawn)

Ironically, the largest scaredy-cat is Andy’s biggest and toothiest toy. On a regular basis, this Tyranosaurus Rex experiences worry even when doing routine chores. Rex dread being replaced and not being used, just like any toy, more than anything else (and maybe just like any person). Rex always overcomes his concerns in time to assist his buddies, even though his panic attacks might cause the other toys to become delayed. Particularly after she encounters Trixie, a different dinosaur in Bonnie’s playroom. Wallace Shawn, a legendary actor, is incredibly lovable.

Mrs. Potato Head, played by Estelle Harris, was a toy that Mr. Potato Head longed for and was finally given to Molly, Andy’s sister, at the conclusion of Toy Story. She is dedicated to her husband but rapidly became Andy’s toy. With her distinctive voice, Estelle Harris is well-known for her roles as Muriel in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Estelle Costanza on Seinfeld.

Slink (Jim Varney, Blake Clark) (Jim Varney, Blake Clark)

We adore Slink’s loyalty and helpful nature even if he just plays a little supporting part in the movies. Slink was one of Woody’s strongest allies, especially in the first two movies, frequently siding with him in conflicts and assuming menial tasks without being asked. Numerous ways Slink organises meetings and manages various logistics in the toy room, serving as Woody’s right-hand man. His distinctive springy body and attention to detail come in helpful on many of the toy’s travels. Slink was portrayed by Jim Varney in the first two movies, but after his tragic death, Blake Clark took over the role.

Barbie, portrayed by Jodi Benson

Barbie, portrayed by Jodi Benson, is a well-known Mattel toy. Among her many variations is the Tour Guide Barbie from Toy Story 2. In Toy Story 3, Molly’s survivor Barbie finds her way into the Sunnyside Daycare donation box, where she meets her Ken. Jodi Benson, who provided Ariel’s singing and acting voices in The Little Mermaid, is a true Disney Legend Little Mermaid and its follow-up films.


Jim has filled in for his older brother in other contexts as well; for example, during the famous running scene in Forrest Gump, he had to act in place of Tom’s double.

Jim informed People that Tom had other doubles, but they were unable to complete the run. That’s a dumb Hanks move,

We’ll leave you with this clip of Jim sounding just like Tom Hanks after that Toy Story bombshell. Enjoy.

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