Why Is My Female Dog Whining And Carrying A Toy


Why Is My Female Dog Whining And Carrying A Toy

About 15 months old, Matilda tore the feet off of one of her toys. The feet resembled tiny brown beans that were around 1.5′′ length and resembled a very small newborn Chihuahua in several ways.

When she was younger, she would take one of those small feet and carry it about in her mouth while pacing and whimpering and looking under blankets. She never repeated that behaviour.

Since this happened before she was spayed and probably during one of her heat cycles, I think she was experiencing an increase in hormones that made her feel maternal in a manner that she couldn’t have known.

When Carrying Toys, Why Do Some Dogs Whine?

Carrying Toys

With its favourite toy, a dog normally performs one of two things. It can include He would take it to his favourite places to unwind and chew on it or pace restlessly while holding the toys in his teeth and whimpering nonstop.

If your dog behaves in such manner, you may be perplexed as to why. There are many reasons for this behaviour, but he is definitely not just whining over not having a nicer toy!

What causes my dog to weep when carrying toys?

Your dog howls when carrying toys because they are very thrilled, see them as valuable goods, want to bury them but can’t, have hunting instincts, or are just naturally noisy. They could also act in this way if they wish to play or stand out. Furthermore, it may be a fake pregnancy if the person is female.

Dogs Are Aware That Their Toys Are Fake.

In actuality It’s improbable that your dog considers her toy to be a child. A dog who carries her toy around all day most certainly has an obsession or possessive behaviour toward it.

She doesn’t believe the toy is genuine. Unless the female dog is experiencing a rare fake pregnancy, she is certain it is not her youngster.

The majority of the time, stuffed animals only develop emotional relationships because of us humans. The canines are wiser.

What Else Occurred When Your Dog Began To Weep When Carrying Toys At First?

Consider what else happened when your dog initially started crying when carrying toys if they weren’t always tears of joy. If it just started doing it, teething may be to blame suffering a tooth injury or experiencing anything that makes it uneasy.

There Are Seven Causes Of A Dog’s Whining When Holding A Toy.

These are the top five causes of dogs whining when carrying or using a toy:

  • a challenge to participate.
  • Frustration.
  • Anxiety.
  • Possessiveness.
  • Pain.
  • false pregnancy
  • exclaiming with excitement

A Female Dog Whines While Carrying A Toy For The Top 3 Reasons.

When a female dog is around six months old, she often goes into her first heat. You could start to observe “maternal” actions later on that appear out of the ordinary. One of them is the whining of a female dog who is toting a toy. Here are some of the more frequent ones.

1.Effects of a fictitious pregnancy

It’s possible that your dog is having a phantom or fake pregnancy. Female canines with this illness behave and feel pregnant when they aren’t. The dog may begin to exhibit “mothering” traits and see the toy as her youngster. This would be the cause of her carrying the item and whining simultaneously.

In these situations, it’s crucial to take the toy away from the female dog without causing her undue stress. For instance, you may take the dog for a walk while having someone else take away the toy it has been holding. If your dog was recently in heat, it’s a condition worth checking: false pregnancy. This conduct may also be influenced by hormonal imbalance,in particular if the female dog hasn’t been spayed.

2. Your dog is frightened

It might not be related to the gender of the dog. Because she is anxious, your dog may moan while carrying her favourite toy. A dog may try to grasp onto something she considers soothing when faced with a stressful situation. This can be her preferred bone or toy.

If you pay attention to your dog whenever she whines and carries a toy over time, a pattern can emerge. For instance, it could occur when a stranger enters the home or when there are several loud, ominous noises outside.

3. Your dog is uninspired.

It’s possible that the dog is whimpering out of boredom. She is bringing and putting a toy in

She wants to play with you, so she stands in front of you. Make sure your dog has enough of playtime and exercise throughout the day. If the dog is always left alone for a lengthy amount of time, the whining tendency may grow and worsen with time.

What’s Up With Dogs Whining And Carrying Toys?

Dogs are unable to communicate, therefore humans can only speculate about their behaviour. When examining particular canine habits, it may be important to take the dog’s age, gender, and breed into consideration. Here are a few plausible causes for a dog to whimper and tote a toy.

How To Handle A Sobbing Dog Who Is Carrying Toys

Handle A Sobbing Dog

Here are some actions you may do to lessen how When transporting toys, how loudly your dog screams.

Exercise it, please

It’s possible that it has more energy and that the behaviour has been influenced by a lack of exercise. If your dog is healthy, it will be easier to make sure that it receives the daily amount of activity that is suggested for its breed and age.

Do not promote the conduct.

As was already noted, it’s possible that your dog has discovered that doing something earns it rewards. Instead, praising it when it is not crying, ceasing to reward it when it does cry, and addressing other potential causes might be helpful.

Fewer Possible Causes For Anxiety

It’s possible that it has been acting in this way because something has been making it uneasy. It would probably be helpful to lessen potential causes for potential anxiety. If it exhibits signs of separation anxiety, you might try giving it exercise and food before putting it away for an extended period of time, as well as a cosy place to sleep while you are gone.

Make sure there isn’t an injury.

Additionally, it would be beneficial to make sure that it is unharmed. The best course of action if your dog has suddenly started acting this way and has been displaying other indicators of injury, particularly in its mouth, would be to bring it to the vet.


Dogs whine when playing with a toy for various reasons, despite the fact that whining is typically associated with neediness or pain.

You know your dog and what their vocalisations mean better than anyone else. What some people would see as a whine, you know to be a whoop of joy. You can also detect by a person’s body language if they are joyful, nervous, possessive, or in pain.

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